Tracking Sleep Habits with the Sleeptracker

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I think we can all agree as moms that sleep is a hot commodity, right? I for one never seem to get enough of it. I could say it’s the kids, but honestly? My girls both sleep through the night (watch, now they’ll randomly start waking up again now that I’ve said that). The truth is that as a mom, I’ve got so many things to do… and sleep is always pushed to the bottom of that list.

It’s crazy, right? I know I should go to bed earlier. I know I should prioritize sleep. Then I’m doing things after the girls go to bed… and before I know it, I look up and it’s 11pm. Anyone else? I thought so.

So when Tomorrow Sleep reached out to me about their products, one in particular had me intrigued – their Sleeptracker.

If you know me, you know I’m pretty into tracking things in regards to my health. I’ve tracked my steps for years now, I track my food – why not track my sleep? I’ve been using the Sleeptracker for a few weeks now, and I’m so impressed – there are so many things to love about it!

  • Setup was easy. We have a dual tracker, which comes with two sensors. You place a sensor between the mattress and boxspring on each side of the bed, under where your pillow is. Each sensor then connects to a small box that connects to your wifi and syncs to your phone. Once you plug it in, the Sleeptracker app guides you through the rest of your setup, and you’re done in 5-10 minutes.

  • There’s nothing to wear. I’ve tracked my sleep with wearable devices in the past, and this requires none of that. With the Sleeptracker, you’re free to sleep like you normally do, and you get your report in the morning!
  • Sleep quality report and tips. In addition to a report of your sleep quality, the Sleeptracker also gives you a breakdown of the time you spent in each stage of sleep and how that compares to others like you. It also gives you tips in the morning relating to your habits and how to get more sleep.

  • Dual sensors. I especially love that Chris and I are able to track both of us with one Sleeptracker device – we’ve gone so far as to compare our results in the mornings! It’s interesting to see our moods in relation to our sleep scores.
  • Bedtime reminders. You can set a reminder to tell you it’s time to get ready for bed – and while I don’t typically go to bed immediately afterward, it’s a good reminder to start getting ready.

I’ve been loving the Sleeptracker and I have no doubt this is a great tool for so many – especially parents, who we all know don’t get enough sleep. Head over to Tomorrow Sleep to find out more about it and all of their other products – you can use code BEER150 for $150 off a purchase of $500 or more – including their hybrid mattresses!

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