Weekend Quick Takes 6.2

Monday already.  It’s crazy how fast the weekend goes, isn’t it?  We had a pretty normal one – WW, swim class, and playing outside.  We even squeezed in a dinner out on Saturday, which hasn’t happened for us in months.  Abbie even sat in a booster seat rather than a high chair for the first time… she’s definitely not a baby anymore!  I’m really loving this age with her – she’s self-aware enough to know how things go, but so much fun to play with.  Little things like playing on the bed with her, playing a bubble game on the tablet, or watching Mickey Mouse together make her smile.  It’s awesome.

Abbie Bubble Game

Sometimes I do miss her babyhood, but then I remember that my friends are having babies and I can just go snuggle theirs.  Now that Nichole’s shared a lot of photos, I wanted to show off a photo of baby Sophia Marie!  She’s so tiny and sweet, and I can’t WAIT to meet her.  I wish they didn’t live so far away!



Sunday we headed out early to check out the Herndon festival.  They had tons of cool stuff from local vendors.  I snapped up a bunch of cute hair clips for Abbie, and resisted the urge to buy a pair of Hokie earrings that said “start jumping.”  (I did grab that vendor’s business card though, so that may happen eventually.)  Since Abbie is still a little too young for the carnival rides, we checked out a few games and all the vendors before heading home…even avoiding the yummy, super-bad-for-you food.  I was pretty proud that we didn’t break down on that!

Chris and Abbie

Abbie even left her hat alone the whole time – I guess she realized she could see better in the sun if she left it on!




Abbie loves dogs, but had ZERO interest in the guy with the monkey.  Maybe next year?


How was your weekend?  Have you taken your little ones to festivals before?  Any tips for next year when we let her on the rides?

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About Jess

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12 Responses

  1. Looks like fun! My hubby just took the kids to the Armed Forces Day festival downtown while I got to go to a movie solo. Sounded like they all had a good time. The only thing we’ve let our kids do activity-wise at festivals are bounce-houses. The biggest advice for those is to be ever watchful of bigger kids who don’t care or don’t watch out for littler ones.

    1. Oh, nice! Glad you got a momma-only movie! Abbie’s been in a bounce house only once, at a birthday party, and I went in with her…she was scared to go in alone anyway!

  2. What a fun weekend. Love the festival! We need to find something like that around here to take Mac too. Although, he’d be terrified of the monkey – not sure why he hates monkeys but he’s definitely not a fan!

    1. It really was gorgeous! I’m hoping the good weather holds out for a bit longer before our hot, humid summer starts!

  3. That carnival sounds so fun! I just found on there’s one here in a few weeks that kicks off with a parade! The older Callie gets the more I enjoy it. I just love watching her personality come to life and enjoy being able to do things with her!

    1. Oh that sounds fun! They do fireworks at this one on Saturday night, but they’re not till 9:30 pm and we can’t keep Abbie up that late. Hopefully when she’s older we can!

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