Weekend Quick Takes 6.9

Another weekend in the books – a pretty normal one around here .

We went to our normal Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting, and I was down .2.  That’s good (and certainly better than gaining or holding steady), but I’ve been battling the same pound or so for the last few weeks.  I’m really trying hard not to get frustrated, but I’m getting close to the 180s and I just want to see them.  I know I talk a lot about not getting discouraged no matter the situation, but it’s definitely hard sometimes, especially when you have nearly 50 pounds to go.  While I do and always will believe in the hard work and small changes it takes, I still wish sometimes I could make a wish and have it all be done.  Seriously, where’s my magic genie?

Abbie’s last swim class was also on Saturday, and she even got a cute little certificate for completing her class.  I’m really glad we decided to do swim lessons for her – I think they were valuable, and definitely got her in the pool earlier in the year.  Now we can enjoy our pool all summer!

Sunday we took a visit to my parents’ house…I love when my family gets to see Abbie.

Abbie Andrea

My sisters are such great aunts to her, each in their own way, and my parents as grandparents…I just love it.  Chris and I were able to sneak in a movie during Abbie’s nap.  We saw Neighbors…and I don’t recommend it.  There were funny moments, but it was a little too raunchy and far-fetched for me.  Plus, the parents kept leaving their sleeping baby at home while they went next door…supposedly it was ok because they had the baby monitor…um…NO.

Abbie and Andrea

Abbie actually was napping the entire time we were gone, so she didn’t even know we left!  Sometimes I really wish we lived closer to my parents so we could go more often.  Abbie has so much fun, and even gets to run around outside barefoot.  Silly girl.

Abbie Barefoot


Abbie Barefoot


Grandma and Abbie

How was your weekend?  Do you live close to your family and get to visit often?

About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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8 Responses

    1. I can’t imagine how hard that is! My family’s relatively close, but Chris’ parents currently live overseas. That time is so precious when you get it!

  1. I am stuck within the same couple of pounds for a few weeks now too. I changed my diet the other week because it was upsetting my stomach and the results have slowed. Have you tried changing up your workout routine? Break out of your usual activities at the gym this week and see if you can break though the plateau.

    1. I may try that. I mostly walk, so maybe I’ll try throwing in some workout DVDs once I get out of this funk I’m in…

  2. Glad you had a fun family-filled weekend 🙂 I miss having my sister and her family nearby… it kills me not to be close to them and only get to see them about 3 times a year!

    1. I know – I bet your niece is getting so big! It’s so sad you can’t post pictures of her!

  3. Sounds like a win of a weekend. -.2 is still a loss. I’m sorry for your frustrations–I know it’s annoying when weight loss goes so slowly. We do live really close to family, so I get to see my parents all the time. I love how much access Kiernan has to them 🙂

    1. It’s so annoying…but I know its my own fault, so I just keep going. Definitely don’t want to go backward!

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