Weight Loss Update and 4 Week Fit Challenge

It’s been a little while since I talked about my weight.  Honestly, it’s because it’s been a bit stagnant – up and down, up and down.  In the last month and a half, I’ve lost 2.2 pounds – way less than my goal, but it’s progress.  I’m now 195 pounds.

So what’s working?  My Fitbit, for one.  It’s still providing me daily motivation and helping me remember to move around during the day.  I’ve also been going to the gym on my lunch – usually just walking, but every little bit helps.

I’ve been thinking I needed something to get me back in gear.  When Kristin and Erin posted about their 4 Week Fit Challenge, I thought it might be kick in the butt I needed.  Since it’s a four week challenge, I’ve decided to set 4 goals.

Love, Fun & Football


My goals for May:

  1. 10,500 steps every day.  I almost hit this in April, but getting sick on Easter ruined it for me.  I’m determined to hit it this month.
  2. Do a workout a minimum of 3 times a week.  This can be walking, a video, going outside with Abbie – anything.  I just need to be active, and 3 times a week is an easy goal – so minimum 3, but striving for 5.
  3. Track EVERYTHING I eat, even the bad stuff.  No leaving things out because I’m ashamed of what I ate.  I hope this will help me concentrate on eating more vegetables (I seriously don’t eat enough of them) and less processed stuff.  Sure, it’s convenient, but it’s not helping me.
  4. I’m giving up all sweets that I don’t make myself.  This means no candy (my one exception? The peeps from Easter that I already opened).  No cookies unless I bake them from scratch.  No cake unless it’s one I’ve made.  This will allow me to have them if I really want them, but it won’t be convenient, so maybe I won’t eat them as much!  I’m really trying to cut down on my sugar intake, and I hope this’ll help!

What are your goals for May?  I’d love to hear them!

And if you’ve gotten this far, you deserve a treat!  Use code MAYFIT for 50% off all my ads!

About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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21 Responses

  1. I LOVE my FitBit!! Its a really great motivational tool. It’s even better if your significant other has one and you are both competitive in the amount of steps you take every day! 🙂 Good luck on your goals this month! I know you can do it! 🙂

    1. Haha, well…my husband actually thinks I’m crazy with it, I’m so obsessed. I don’t know that I’d want him to have one!

  2. Love your goal of accounting for everything that you eat! I do this when I’m hopping back on the healthy train and it’s a good reminder of how absolutely terrible some foods are for you. There are some foods (Cinnabons & Queso from Chilli’s) that I LOVE, but I refuse to ever eat again because I now know how many calories are in one serving.

    Good luck! You can do it!

    1. I’m trying! This weekend was a rough one with all that cake, but I’m pushing through. It’s tough!

  3. Ahh go you! 🙂 I love the steps every day! I need to get a Fitbit!! They sound so cool. 🙂 good luck this month ma’am!

  4. These are awesome goals! Sweets are my weakness too – I love the idea of limiting it to just what you make! That would help me cut way down for sure! You can do it sister! Let’s rock this May’s face off!

    1. Yep, already failed on that one…silly grocery store cookies are too damn good. One day at a time though, right?

      Also doesn’t help when you make a giant cake for a baby shower….

  5. Great goals! I gave up sweets for Lent. Not easy, but I found the longer I went without them, the less I really wanted them. Trying to cut down on processed foods and sugar intake myself. Good luck this month!

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