Why I Didn’t Shop #LillyforTarget

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that yesterday Target released their much-hyped Lily for Target collection. Women flocked to Target to snag it…but I wasn’t one of them. I purposely didn’t even try. Instead, I watched the craziness unfold through social media, and it all went down just as I thought it would.

Now, I live in the south (as much as I fight it, Virginia is technically the south…), I’m a sorority girl, and I’m a mommy blogger. I’ve also been plus sized a good portion of my life, so Lily Pulitzer has mostly been out of my size range and budget. This collection should’ve been right up my alley, right? So why didn’t I shop?

Why I didn't shop Lilly for Target


The lines/expected inoperable website. Some of the photos of the lines I saw rivaled Black Friday (without the order and rules that accompany that). Here in northern Virginia, someone said the lines started at 4am. Target’s website kept crashing as people tried to get to things online and check out as quickly as they could. Things disappeared from people’s online shopping carts as they were checking out. This mama doesn’t have time for that. Where was I? Sleeping – like you’re supposed to do in the middle of the night.

Limited selection. Every time they do one of these collaborations, it’s limited, so by definition they’re only going to make so many. The plus sizes were only available online. I read that there was only one of each size in each store. There was never going to be enough for everyone, and honestly? I didn’t feel like fighting.

People are greedy. Many of those people standing in line apparently acted just as I thought they would. They took entire racks of stuff because they were the first ones there and could. I read stories of people selling things out of their carts. THEIR CARTS! At most stores, there were no buying restrictions, and much of the collection (if not all) is already up on eBay, selling for twice and three times the price. Greed is just ugly.

I’m not falling for it. All of the above? It happens almost every time Target does a collaboration with a high-end designer. When are we going to get it? It’s just creating more greed and breeding consumerism. I also thought the point of these collaborations was to make designers more accessible to the average person. Hello? Average person here. Not accessible to me with the problems above.

It’s just stuff! Is it cute stuff? Of course it is – there wouldn’t be demand for it if there wasn’t. Would I have bought some if it happened to still be there when I got there for other shopping at 11am? Probably. Instead, I spent yesterday morning with the things can’t buy at a store – my family. We had breakfast and went to the park. That’s way more important to me than things. Even if they are really cute.

What about you? Did you shop Lily for Target yesterday?

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48 Responses

  1. I totally agree! As a southern girl, and plus-sized sorority lady, I can totally relate to your feelings on Lily. Our Target had people FIGHTING over dresses… totally not worth it. Also, I believe that it almost cheapens the brand – like Michael Kors with their influx of bags now.

    Hopefully we can return to Target without brawls soon!

    Lots of love,

  2. I’m personally not a fan of Lily Pulitzer’s designs (or many of the designers that “collaborate” with Target, to be honest). Then again, maybe I should start to like more of them and then I wouldn’t have such a bland closet. Anyway, that’s besides the point. My other point was going to be that I heard someone describe it not as a “collection” that Target has every few months, but more of a “flash sale.” I think that latter describes it way more accurately!

  3. “It’s just stuff”. YES!
    I didn’t shop either. And honestly, I didn’t realize it was THAT big of a deal… I guess I’m a “bad blogger” haha. Totally joking.

  4. Agreed. I love Target but I have to say I wasn’t even that excited about the line. They sure do hype up those commercials though…the commercials make the line look like it’s a fantasy dream of some sort!

  5. Yeah that kind of stuff is just crazy to me! I think the Lilly stuff is cute but it’s not really my style, I mean I like some of it but I wouldn’t want a bunch of Lilly clothing or accessories, to me it would just be overkill to have everything Lilly. I am apparently clueless because I thought that this was something where they were going to have the collection at Target for awhile, but apparently not! I was also sleeping at the time and frankly sleep and my sanity is more important to me! 😉

    1. Mine too! If it was still around when I got there, I may have looked at accessories or something, but it just wasn’t worth the craziness!

  6. Yes, yes, yes to all of this! I am never a fan of the Target collaborations & hate how they come out in limited stock. I thought the whole thing was a bit ridiculous!

    1. It’s really just stupid of them. Can you imagine how much money they’d make if they did it so everyone could get some?

  7. LOVE THIS!! I like SOME Lily things – they have cute accents & bright colors for summer – others are way too girly for me. Sometimes it looks like baby girl clothing on grown women who are nearly 40. It often reminds me of the 80’s staple Laura Ashley that my Mom used to force on my body. Meh. I feel like a lot of Target collaborations are also watered down versions of the brands (ir: not as good quality). Plus, it’s Target – if someone didn’t snatch it up to sell on ebay, it’ll prob. be in the clearance section in a month for $7. Love you bypassed this, spent time with your adorable family & didn’t drink the kool-aid. 🙂

    1. I’m with you. I might’ve bought something for Abbie or a phone case or something, but that probably would’ve been it. No Kool-Aid for me! 🙂

  8. agreed. I mean, if I had thought I had a chance, there were a few things in the line that I really did like + I never like to pay full retail for anything, but I just didn’t want to deal with the crazy.

    1. See, I sometimes do Black Friday, but that is WAY more organized than this was. They should’ve treated it like Black Friday!

  9. I love this post so much! I meandered over to my local Target at 11 am (after sleeping in and eating late) and I managed to buy a few things (some headbands and a bathing suit for my daughter) but it was pretty much cleaned out. I follow a few bloggers on Instagram that were posting pictures of their 4 carts worth of stuff and they were getting HATED on. I cant blame the people hating either. It is so greedy.

  10. I love Target and I love their clothes. They are a great way to shop the trendier stuff at a more affordable price point, but I’m with you. I skipped this collection. In fact I skip most of them. For one, Lilly isn’t totally my style. I think it’s so cute and fun, but it doesn’t fit in with what’s in my closet. I understand why they hype it up (they are trying to make money after all), but it would have to be something really, really amazing to get me up and fighting a crowd. Haha!

  11. I definitely wanted some of the items and had been lusting over them online for so long but there was no way i was going to stand in line – sure I was going to try and get online but I didn’t. I can’t believe how crazy some people went!

  12. It is just stuff…cute stuff, but just stuff. Target usually has pretty cute stuff and I don’t understand the need for so much drama over shopping. Who cares? I never thought of the greed aspect, good point. Thank you for sharing! xx Ashleigh

  13. I personally had never heard of them, but it covered my entire news feed. I guess it’s like Black Friday and just not my type of thing. I’m sorry no dress or anything else for that matter is worth being trampled on.

  14. My husband has always told me…just because it’s a deal, doesn’t mean you need it. I try to remember that, it doesn’t always work, but I have gotten wayyy better!!
    Thanks for the reminder!

  15. Apparently I do live under a rock—not to worry, it isn’t news to me :)—but I didn’t know about this…and am not familiar (to my knowledge) with Lily.
    But I do appreciate YOUR take on it, particularly your last two points. I love Target, but I’m happy to have been in the dark on this one.

  16. I am with you. I love Lilly but like you not in my price range. I am too old to stand in line for a “hot” item. And for the prices people are selling them on eBay, they could likely get a much better made real Lilly piece. I love Target but I hate how limited their collaborations are.

    1. They just keep doing the same things with these collabs. Learn from your audience, Target!

  17. I agree with you – it’s just stuff. I would rather get a $15 dress from Wal-Mart and not deal with the hassle. I was a seasonal associate at Target one year. I semi-boycott them now. After New Year’s Eve, employees are given *maybe* eight hours of work per week. The “team leaders” (managers) talk down to team members (employees) with cutesy baby-talk and treat them like a class of children. Rewarding us for working on Thanksgiving by ordering pizza? Is this middle school? If they want serious, professional work to be done, they should treat their employees like serious adults.

  18. I am starting to not like Target for clothing. Yes, it’s cute but, it’s more expensive than some department stores. I personally didn’t understand why people went all Hunger Games for something that looked like it was designed by a former Brady or Parrothead.

  19. I’ve never even heard of #lilyfortarget and I’m not remotely interested in finding out what it is after reading this. I’m plus sized too and can’t really appreciate brands that don’t create for all body types.

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