Bumpdate: 14 weeks!

How Far Along? 14 Weeks!

Weight Gain? Still holding steady at about +9
Size of Baby? 3.5 inches – a lemon!

Maternity Clothes?  Check. I feel like I woke up this week and suddenly had way more belly than before. Officially in maternity pants and work. I can still get away with some regular tops, but it seems I’m definitely one of those women who show a lot and right away.

Stretch Marks?  Not yet.
Gender? This week I think girl.

Sleep? I was sleeping really well until Monday night, when I couldn’t get comfortable. Sadly, I think my days of sleeping on my stomach are over for the next six months! I think I’m going to get a pregnancy pillow.

Food Cravings? Baby likes ketchup on everything – definitely has my genes. (my family goes through a bottle of ketchup about every two weeks) And chocolate milk. I’m trying really hard to eat more fruits and veggies now though, so hopefully baby will like those!

Symptoms? Tired constantly and being “stopped up.” I also had a crazy gas attack last night…thank goodness it’s safe to take Gas-X.

<<Can I go on a rant for a second here though? When the gas attack hit, I was at an after-work meeting, so I didn’t have my doctor’s medication sheet with me. I called my mom (she works in a pharmacy) and she couldn’t remember, so I figured I’d go to Target and ask the pharmacist. What a mistake. Basically this woman told me she couldn’t tell me one way or the other and I’d have to suffer until morning when my doctor’s office opened. This is of course, after me showing her where babycenter says it’s ok..and I was just asking for a confirmation. But NOOOO, she wouldn’t tell me anything and I barely held it together. After I walked away from her, a few tears definitely fell…don’t mess with a pregnant lady in pain. Then I bought it anyway, and took it after I checked the sheet from my doctor at home that said it was ok. Stupid woman made me so mad – I’m so tired of people being so afraid of getting sued that they won’t give you information. Stupid. Ok, end rant.>>

Movement? Not yet. Hoping in a few weeks I will!

Belly Button? Innie.

Wedding rings on or off? On, but my fingers are definitely swollen. I don’t know if I’ll make it all the way with them on…

Labor signs? Too early.

Best Moment of the Week? Starting to clean our apartment to prep for BB’s arrival.

What I Miss? Sleeping on my stomach, and not getting up 45623235 times to pee.

What I am looking forward to: Starting to get ideas for the nursery!

Taken from my phone on Tuesday…(don’t judge our messy room!)


About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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5 Responses

  1. YES, buy the pregnancy pillow! I know a lot of people don’t buy it until later on, but I bought mine in week 13 and I’m so glad I did since I’m also a stomach sleeper. @Jessica–I don’t know how you sleep on your stomach when you’re pregnant, it’s like a really weird uncomfortable sensation for me. I’m jealous.

    I’m surprised the pharmacist gave you such a hard time. Early in my pregnancy I went to walgreens and asked about a few things and they were super helpful. How annoying, don’t they understand pregnant women are sensitive?

  2. I can see why the pharmacist couldn’t say one way or another but she could have at least been kind, apologetic, and comforting! Rude!! And You look So. Freaking. Adorable!!!

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