The Great Debate…Do We Find Out the Gender?

One of the first things Chris and I have discussed about the baby  is actually a debate – should we or should be not find out the gender of Baby Beer?

Some of you may think we’re crazy – why wouldn’t we find out the gender?

We’ve actually gone through a debate on this, and now that we’ve finally settled on a decision…here’s what we debated and how we made up our minds!

Reasons to find out BB’s gender:

  1. We’re nosy and excited.
  2. It will make decorating a LOT easier.
  3. Everyone is going to be asking if it’s a boy or a girl.
  4. Buying cute clothes and things ahead of time is fun, and knowing the gender makes it so much easier.

Reasons NOT to find out BB’s gender:

  1. Surprises are fun!
  2. I’m superstitious and don’t want to attach a name to BB until he or she has made an appearance.
  3. I really want one particular gender and don’t want to go through disappointment during my pregnancy if it’s the opposite.  If we find out when BB is born we’ll just be so excited to see our little one that it won’t matter.
  4. My parents didn’t find out with me, and Chris’ parents didn’t find out with him.  It’d be kind of cool to carry on that tradition.

So what did we decide?  I’ll give you a few days to guess (and Laura, no telling since you already know!).  What are your thoughts on finding out the gender of your children?  Did you find out or are you planning to when you get to that point?

I’ll announce our decision soon enough!

About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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10 Responses

  1. As a crafter, I hate when people don’t find out because it’s a lot easier to make gifts if I know the gender and the name.

    That being said… we definitely will NOT find out!! You only get a few really good surprises in life and I think this is one of them. Plus I have this goofy day dream about Zac running out into the waiting room wearing hospital scrubs and throwing open the double doors and telling our family and friends that, “It’s a…..!”

    But then again, I’m a nerd!!

  2. DH and I agreed to not find out, until we were presented with the opportunity. Looking back, I’m glad we did but it would be nice to have a surprise with one child.

  3. I am too crazy (typeA/planner) to not know! I definitely needed to know for this first baby. I could MAYBE see not finding out for any additional children.
    One thing I do know for sure, is that finding out is made so much more special by having the ultrasound tech write it down and open it later. We did that (with a blue cupcake filling enjoyed at a large family dinner) and it was so special that way…compared to laying there half-clothed with the cold goo on my belly and having the woman matter-of-factly announce it to us. So in case your decision is to find out, keep that in mind! Have them put it in an envelope and open later during dinner just the two of you or with your parents!

  4. Jake is totally on the “don’t find out” side. I see benefits to both sides, but since he feels so strongly, we’re not finding out for our first one! Can’t wait to see what you pick! 🙂

  5. another on the Not side… since you want to have more than one you can decorate in a gender neutral way and the nursery will work for future boys and girls!

  6. I’ve always been on the fence with knowing the gender (like I have kids). But I do know several families (including one of our sorority sisters) who were told they were having a boy and wound up with girls. The one family decorated everything in blue and had tons of stuff monogrammed with the boy’s name.

  7. It would be so fun not to find out, but I would be guessing and stressing… then again, if I was told, I would probably question it and feel weird about buying anything gender-specific in case the tech was wrong. I know a few people who had that happen but usually early it was corrected- except for a girl I know who was almost 8 months along!!!! My husband is definitely a person who would want to know, I know that much! Can’t wait to hear your plans!

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