If We Had Coffee…

…I’d order a triple venti skinny hazelnut macchiato.  Because, YUM.  Also, did you know that a grande and a venti have the same number of shots of espresso unless you ask for a triple?  Basically, all the venti does is give you more milk, unless you get a triple….just not ok.  Give me more coffee, please.

…I’d tell you I could really use a vacation, but don’t really have the PTO or budget to take one.

…I’d probably show you lots of pictures of my little bug.  She is pretty cute, after all.



…I’d tell you how Abbie wasn’t feel well last night and was inconsolable for about an hour.  We ended up putting her to bed early, and she wouldn’t eat anything.  I was worried and didn’t sleep well.  She seemed a little better this morning, but still not 100%.

Somehow I don’t think taking selfies helped the situation.

…I’d tell you how my heart has been a little heavy lately.  That I’ve been hugging my girl extra tight and smothering her with kisses because life is so precious.

…I’d inevitably spill some of my secrets.  I’m a pretty open book, so it’s not like it would be hard to get them out of me.

…I’d simultaneously be proud and bashful if you mention the weight I’ve lost.  It’s been happening a lot lately, and while I’m flattered by it, I don’t always know what to say other than thank you.  I feel like I still have so far to go, so it’s hard to accept the compliments.


This shirt is a large...I usually wear extra large!
This shirt is a large…I usually wear extra large!

…I’d probably start telling you how great Fitbits are.  I seriously am in love with mine.

…I’d tell you that I am finally finding shopping fun again.  It’s been a long time since I felt this way and could actually find things in stores that fit me right.  It’s a cool feeling.  I’m still in that weird spot where plus sized stores are too big, and many regular stores are slightly too small, but I’m getting there.  There really should be stores that only sell size 8-20 or something.  the 16 to 14 to 12 transition kind of sucks.

…I’d brag about the sandals I’m wearing.  $7.48 on clearance at Target!

…I’d then launch into my love for Target, like every blogger on Earth.

…I’d hug you, even if we just met, and say I have to go back to work.  It is a Wednesday, after all.



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Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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20 Responses

  1. Hey, lady, take those compliments and wear them proudly 🙂 You’re working hard and you deserve them. Hope little Abbie is back to 100% asap!!

  2. Hope Abbie feels better soon! Annika was like that earlier this week (but we figured out she’s been cray cray baby because she just had 4 teeth poke through all at once lol). And TAKE THE COMPLIMENTS!! You deserve them because you’ve been working super hard 🙂 I want a fitbit so bad but I wanted the flex (the one that looks like a bracelet) but it’s been recalled up here in Canada 🙁 We got an ibitz (the fitbit kid one) for Nora just to track her steps and holy man, do kids walk a lot – she walked over 55 miles last month – no wonder us Moms are tired lol. Happy Wednesday!!

    1. She’s feeling much better now, so I think it was just a bug. It was no fun though!

      I’m trying to work hard! Sometimes I have a hard time saying no to things though…live and learn, right? I hope the recall ends soon so you can get a fitbit! I can’t say enough good things about them! And I can’t even imagine what Abbie walks….make that runs!

    1. Just watching what I’m eating and exercise! It’s hard, but I seem to be on a kick where it’s working!

  3. Love this post!!!

    I love Target and Starbucks, and always order a grande because the ratio of two shots to 16 oz of milk to 4 pumps of syrup is perfection. 🙂

    I’d tell you all of my secrets too. Open book am I 🙂

  4. Starbucks sounds so good right now! The idea of sharing coffee with another adult sounds like heaven! Fun post!

  5. Pretty sure I need to get myself a fitbit – it’s all the craze right now and I’m feeling totally left out. I kinda thought it would be one of those things where it would be really cool for like a week and then people would kind of forget about them and it would be a waste of money – but, I’m finding out that’s really not the case and people really love them!

    1. You should! Most people I know love theirs and find it really helps, especially the community aspect – I’m competing with others as well as myself!

  6. take those compliments, lady! Because you DESERVE THEM! 🙂 You are rocking it lately and have been so motivational to so many people! My fitbit has really helped me remember to get up more during the day and not get stuck at my desk for hours without walking!!

  7. I so wish we could have coffee together and discuss all of these things. You do look fabulous, my dear! Keep up the great work! And give that little lady a get better soon kiss for me. Poor baby.

    1. Next time you make it to DC, it has to happen. No cancelling this time! And she’s definitely feeling much better now.

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