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I’ve seen a few bloggers do these, and while I can’t imagine that all of you are that curious, I wanted to do one of these day in the life posts.  Since I’m over on Jessica’s blog today talking about life as a working mom, I’m glad I did a work day.  I know I’ll look back in a few years and wonder how I did it all (or maybe how I thought this was a lot!), so I wanted to document a typical workday around here.  Stick around if you’re curious about my day as a working mom!

This is Friday, June 13.  She had scraped her forehead the day before…so there’s a bandaid on her head.  Oh, life with a toddler.

6:46: I get up, after hitting snooze on my alarm a few times, and go get Abbie from her crib.  Chris gets in the shower (I shower at night.)  She usually plays quietly in the mornings until about now – I think she wakes up about 6:30 or so.

Abbie Wakeup

I change her diaper and get her dressed for the day, then bring her into our room to hang out while we get ready.  She usually plays with her app on my kindle.  Once Chris is out of the shower, I go back to Abbie’s room and pack her bag if we didn’t pack it the night before.  Chris is ready first, so he takes her downstairs for breakfast.

Abbid downstairs

7:15:  He gets her breakfast going (usually some combination of waffles, scrambled eggs, and a banana) while I finish getting ready.  I head downstairs just in time to put her hair up for the day – Chris’ fingers are too big for the job.  Some days it’s more a struggle than others.

Doing Abbie's Hair

7:30-7:45:  We leave for the day.  We always aim for 7:30…but something always holds us up.  Chris takes Abbie to daycare before heading to work, and I head straight to my office.

Abbie Car

8:00:  I’m at work.  I work for an accounting firm, and my job is to assist my group and partners.  I do all kinds of different things all day.  One of those things involves getting the mail.  My group pays bills for some of our clients, and they’re sent to a PO Box across the street.  About 11am, I head over there to get the mail, and it’s nice to get outside for a few minutes.  I always take the stairs down!


Outdoor Walk

12ish: I eat lunch at my desk so I can use my 1 hour lunch break to go to the office gym, usually walking on the treadmill from 1:30-2:30.

Lean Cuisine

2:30-5: Work.  Again, all sorts of different things.  At 5, I leave to pick up Abbie – I always pick her up on Fridays.  She’s happy to see me and had a good day.

Abbie Daycare

We drive home, Abbie insisting on listening to Lady Antebellum’s Compass.  She’s obsessed and gets happy whenever I put it on.  Thank goodness for iTunes.  We get home around 5:40 or so.  Dinner on Friday is always Jump Up (we eat leftovers or something simple), so I make Abbie some frozen ravioli with pesto for dinner.  We cuddle on the couch and watch cartoons for a while.

Abbie Mommy

7:30:  Once the Doc McStuffins song is over, we head upstairs for bathtime.  I was lazy about the diapers this week, so Abbie helps put all her clean diapers in a basket while we get her bath ready.

Abbie Diapers

7:45ish:  Bathtime.  I swear she likes baths…most of the time.  Just hates getting her hair washed.

Abbie Bath

8:00:  We get Abbie in jammies and read some stories, then I cuddle with her for a few minutes before putting her in her crib.  She whines until I leave the room…but once I shut the door, she knows it’s bedtime and puts herself to sleep.  (Hooray sleep training!)

Abbie Daddy

8:30:  It’s grocery night, so once Abbie’s in bed, I head out to the store.  Most of the time my friend Ashley goes with me.  We were roommates before I got married, so it’s kind of cool to shop with her again.

Jess Ashley

10-10:30:  I come home, put the groceries away, and get ready for bed…but not before sneaking one last look at my little bug.  Sound asleep!

Abbie Sleeps

…And now I’m tired looking at my own day!  What are your days like?

About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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7 Responses

  1. I always want to do a post like this and then halfway through the day I remember I haven’t been taking pictures! Ha! Someday I’ll get on it!

    I love getting a snapshot into other’s routines 🙂

  2. Phew!! I don’t know how working moms do it! Also I can’t believe you shop on Friday night- I would be way to lazy and laying on my couch watching tv!

  3. I always enjoy reading these type of posts. I’ve been wanting to do one for awhile but I always forget to take pictures. I need to make a date, set an alarm, and just make it happen. I know I would look back on it and appreciate that I’ve done the post.

  4. I love DITL posts! Maybe I’m weird but I love seeing how other people do things. I can’t imagine grocery shopping that late at night but then again I’m up at 5am almost everyday! I bet the store is super quiet and shopping without the kiddos sounds like heaven! Thanks for sharing your day!
    ps why for these little girls hate having their hair washed?!

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