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This Momma is tired.  Abbie has suddenly started being picky about when/what she will eat…and it’s exhausting.  She LOVES sitting at the table, so that’s helped a few times, and we’ve also tried not strapping her into her high chair, and that’s helped too.  I think it’s a number of things – she’s growing and changing and wants to do what we do, plus I think she’s still fighting these molars…ugh.  Why can’t teeth just appear with no issues??


I’m super excited because Abbie starts swim class tomorrow!  I’m excited to get her back in the pool and get her to learn some new things….plus, I’m pretty excited to get in the pool myself!  (Yay for swimdresses that hide EVERYTHING.)


Last night Chris made dinner so I could have some time taking Abbie outside to play.  It was so much fun – she LOVES being outside and it really brightened her mood.  We’re going to try to build some daddy-friendly recipes into the menu each week so we can do it more often.

Abbie Playing

Abbie Playing Outside

Abbie Playing Outside

Abbie Playing Outside


AI spring-cleaned my closet yesterday and made a huge donate pile…as well as finally taking all my maternity clothes out of my closet.  I have a big pile of stuff to donate…and am wondering what the heck I’m going to wear to work this spring and summer.  Finding work-appropriate tops is especially difficult for me since I’m well-endowed.  I haven’t seen anything I’m thrilled with, plus I don’t want to spend a lot since I’m hoping next year at this time I’d need a smaller size.  Suggestions?  I think I’m going to try Kohl’s, Macys, TJ Maxx, and H & M but couldn’t think of anything else.  Ideally, I’d like to spend $20 or less per shirt…


I’ve got two fun events this weekend, my friend Heather’s wedding and our Alpha Gam alumna chapter’s IRD (International Reunion Day).  I have a new dress for each (yay!) but NO idea what to do with my hair.  I kind of want to do something different, but I’m pretty terrible at styling my own hair.  Any ideas?  Oh, and here’s my dress for Sunday…picture taken in the dressing room, so excuse the awful lighting!

NY & Co Eyelet Dress

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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18 Responses

  1. Abbie looks like she had so much fun outside with you! As for clothes, I hear ya, bending over at school, I have to watch what I wear…I usually buy tanks from target and layer them underneath my v-neck shirts. In the winter, I always throw on a scarf…which won’t help you this summer, haha. And I love the new dress – super cute!

  2. I love taking my little one outside — though I have a serious bug phobia, so I’m trying reallllllly hard to get over it. We also have carpenter bees that are rather aggressive that like to hang out in our backyard which is super irritating! As for where to shop for less expensive items… Maybe forever21? IDK that place can be very hit or miss — but very inexpensive at the same time, so if you’re not looking for forever items, it could be a good place to check out. Or nordstrom rack? Or maybe Gap/Old Navy?

    1. Is it bad I didn’t even think about the bugs? I get eaten alive no matter what I do by mosquitos so I rarely think about it! I probably would with bees though!

      Thanks for the clothes suggestions too – I think I need about 5-10 tops for work to get me through, so hopefully I’ll find things there!

  3. Ok it must be in the air because Callie has been a super picky eater the past week or two and I KNOW it’s not teeth (she’s got all 20). Crazy kids! Love the photo of abbie running at the park – She looks so grown up!

    1. Wow, she has all her teeth already?? We’re nowhere close to that!

      And I know, where did my baby go???

      1. Callie’s been ahead on her teeth all along. She a crabby teether so I’m just glad its all done! These kids grow way to fast — mostly that’s good but it just changes so much!

  4. Love that dress on you! And, I cannot get over how BLONDE Abbie’s hair is. Maybe it’s just cuz it’s getting longer, but it’s so dang cute!

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