Friday! {11.6.15}

Happy Friday! I’m so excited for the weekend, as I’m sure you all are too – let’s get to today’s five, shall we?


Last night after I put Abbie to bed, I heard her coughing a lot on the monitor, much more than usual. It was enough to make me run in to check on her. When I walked in and asked if she was okay, Abbie looked up and said, “Yep! Hi Mommy!” It’s amazing to me how we can have conversations now. She went on to tell me about her Dora book she was looking at (we let her take books to bed with her) before saying, “See you later, love you!” For all the times it’s hard… sometimes motherhood is just the best.

Abbie in the Leaves 2015


We’re super excited because Chris come home today from his first work trip of the month! I have to give it to all the single parents out there – being by yourself is HARD. I always respected people who single parented a lot of the time (or had their spouses away for long periods of time), but now I have a whole new respect. It was a tough few days, and we still have one more trip to make it through this month.


Work’s been pretty busy lately, including me getting some new responsibilities. I don’t typically talk about work on here too much, but one of the things I struggle with is doing the same thing all the time. It’s nice that I’ve been given a project and trusted with something important. It’s really helping to make me feel like part of the team, and that I matter.


I got my most recent Stitch Fix yesterday… and it isn’t my favorite one. Some fit issues and things that are cut a little strangely, but I did get a super soft pair of jeans that I may just be obsessed with. Now to corral my husband into being my photographer this weekend….


Since Chris’ business trip was in Charlotte, he was able to see his brother and our sister-in-law… and found out the gender of their baby! They’ve asked anyone who knows to keep it secret, but I’m excited to do some shopping for the new little one in the family.


Linking up with some Friday gals below – hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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5 Responses

  1. So exciting to shop for your new niece/nephew!!! And I can’t wait to see your Stitch Fix! Mine was a bust, so I am holding off on another one until the spring. LOVE conversations with our littles!!! They always make me so proud and happy. 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

  2. I’ve heard amazing things about Stitch Fix jeans…I’m excited to see your pics! And single parenting is no joke. So much respect for those that do it all the time. Have a great weekend with your hubs back in town!

  3. Connor and I talk to each other like adults (mostly) and it’s so easy for us to navigate our days because we can communicate so well together!

    I have yet to jump on the Stitch Fix wagon. I don’t think I could justify the price tags of some of the items since I don’t have to dress up but once a week when I go to church.

    1. I think it’s worth it for everyone to try at least once. They do have a lot of casual clothes too, and not having to take Abbie out shopping makes it worth it for me… because Lord knows my husband does not want to go shopping with me….

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