November Goals

It’s time for my monthly goals check, and I’m happy to report that keeping it simple is doing me wonders. I like having only 5 goals to hit every month since it made things so much more attainable. So how did October go?

November Goals

October’s Goals:

Create Buttons for my sidebar. So, I technically did this November 1, but I’m counting it as complete because to me, it’s close enough!

12,500 steps every day. Finally did this again!

Have a date night with Chris. Chris and I had a movie date to see The Intern.

Celebrate my birthday! I had a great day celebrating with my favorite people.

Do an outdoor fall activity. We headed to Cox Farms and had a blast!

As you can see, I accomplished all five, so I’m pretty happy about that. Now, what do I have planned for November?

November Goals:

Finish ALL holiday shopping. I’m normally about 90% done by now, but nowhere near that this year. I need to get on it – I want to be completely done by the end of the month so I can have a stress-free December!

Get through Chris’ travel schedule without losing my mind. Chris is traveling quite a bit this month, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to handle everything with him away. We’re used to him being home all the time, so it’ll definitely be a change for us.

Watch the Macy’s Parade on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday, and this is one of the best parts. I really want to make it there one day in person, but for now I settle for TV. It’s a holiday tradition my family has that I love.

Pre-schedule at least 3 blog posts every Sunday for the upcoming week. I need to be WAY more organized than I have been, and when I pre-write and schedule things, I’m a lot more relaxed and can concentrate better.

Lose 2 pounds. I’ve been on a bit of a roll lately and am hoping to keep it going… here’s hoping!

…and one bonus goal. We got the news on Sunday that Frank Beamer is retiring as Virginia Tech’s head coach at the end of the season, and his last home game is November 21. I’d love to be there, and am currently trying to work things out so I can be. I want to be part of his last home game experience. He’s built an amazing program for us, and I can’t imagine Hokie Nation without him. I teared up when I got the news, but I trust that he’s making the right decision. I think it’s so important to send him off in style.


Here’s hoping I can accomplish everything! What goals do you have on tap for this month?

About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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5 Responses

  1. Great job on your October goals!! That would be SO exciting to be at Beamer’s last game!!! End of an era, for sure…

  2. I used to do monthly goals and somehow lost it in 2015 so my goal for the new year is to stick to goals. I’m usually awesome at them but when we moved so much got shuffled or even dropped.

  3. I love your simple goal focus. I backed away from goals because I had too many but this approach is great. I love your goal of shopping for the holidays to be done by the end of the month! It’s always a goal around here but often just doesn’t happen. Good luck with the weight loss goal too! I bet you can do it!

    1. Thank you! And to be honest… I’m not sure I’m going to make the gift goal this year – SO much happening!

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