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Oh, Friday again? Let’s do this (make sure you get to number 5 for the free Target money!)


I wanted to just take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who were so kind and supportive on Wednesday’s post. It’s so hard as parents (and people, for that matter) to admit when we need some help, but I’m so glad I did. I got some amazing suggestions from you guys, as I knew I would, and I’m excited to start implementing some of them. This is why blog world is the best.


This app saved me this week. Well, maybe only on Tuesday, but it’s awesome. Yes, it’s the Domino’s app. We’re definitely a Domino’s family and have our favorite order… and this makes it so easy. I keep myself logged in, and if we decide to have pizza I can order it on the way home in only a few taps. It’s THAT easy. Plus, you don’t have to call and go through all of that – your payment info is saved too. SO easy. (P.S. Domino’s doesn’t know I exist other than taking my money, so they don’t know I’m writing this. I just love this app. And pizza.)

 Dominos App


We had a beautiful spring day yesterday of over 70 degrees, and today it’s back to 40s and rain. At this point, I’m just thankful it’s not frigid outside anymore. Come on spring!


Speaking of spring, I’m going to start planning out my herb garden for this year. I really wanted to build garden boxes and have a veggie garden this year, but I don’t think we have enough time to get that all done (our backyard is all patio so we need to build boxes to use it to garden). Herbs though? That I can do VERY easily in containers, and I’m so looking forward to it. So far I’m planning a big pot of basil (because, delicious), parsley, thyme, rosemary, cilantro, and chives. They’re my favorite herbs to use, but I am thinking of throwing in some randoms like sage and mint and trying to use them more. Any suggestions? Or do you know any veggies that I can do in a container garden this year?


This is what you’re here for, right? Of course. I want free money to target too, so I don’t blame you. A bunch of us teamed up to celebrate Stephanie over at Wife Mommy Me’s 3rd blog anniversary, so go check all these ladies out!

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Have a lovely weekend all!


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About Jess

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8 Responses

    1. I was thinking of those two! And yes, buying plants. I don’t have patience for the seeds and I’m less likely to kill a plant that’s already started!

  1. I wish Domino’s was open right now, because I’m pretty sure i’d order something at 7:30 am. That first pizza sounds delicious, by the way! I didn’t even know they had asiago on their menu.

    1. It’s our standard order – something to indulge in and something semi-healthy in the thin crust. I wish I could just eat the pan pizza though!

      And I do not judge on pizza timing. Pizza is delicious for breakfast 🙂

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