How to Tell You’re a Girl Mom {Toddler Edition}

How to Tell You're a Girl Mom


Deciding if you would pierce your daughter’s ears as a baby was a big decision.

There’s lots of pink in your house, intentional or not.

She is obsessed with shoes.


That stash of nail polish in your closet?  It now belongs to her too.

Your daughter regularly hands you nail polish to paint her toenails. It’s so cute, it’s impossible to say no.


You have massive amounts of hair ties and bows.

Doing her hair every morning is a struggle.

That said, you get really excited when it’s finally long enough to do fun things with, like little braids and pigtails.

You want to buy all the dresses just because they’re too adorable.

You buy pink glitter TOMS and she loves them.  (After all, she’s already obsessed with shoes…)


You know every line of the Sofia the First theme song… and all the other songs for that matter.

You wonder which Disney princess your daughter is most like.

Your daughter is already trying to wear accessories.


You’re already planning on putting her in dance class.  You can’t help it – tiny ballerinas are so cute!

You struggle with wanting your daughter to be girly and provide her with both girly and gender-neutral toys.  You feel like you shouldn’t want her to be girly… but so what if she likes princesses?  She likes what she likes!

You’re already hoping she has good self-esteem, since you know what’s coming in later years.

Her temper tantrums now are giving you glimpses into your future arguments.

You’re already dreading the day your kid wants to pick her own clothes and the battles that will ensue.

She likes to help you put your makeup on.


You’re so excited for her to get old enough to read all the books you loved as a kid.  Little House series, anyone?

She carries around a bear, or a baby, and it’s just too cute for words.

Sometimes it’s hard to resist the urge to get anything with a bow, or your sorority mascot, or a dress… basically, your checkbook hurts.

You already see so much of yourself in her, and hope she grows up to become your best friend.


Fellow girl moms, any you’d add to my list?

About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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9 Responses

  1. OH my goodness as a double girl mom I LOVED this!

    I would add: You never realized pink is a neutral color.

    Temper tantrums being a glimpse into the future…. UGH!!!!

  2. There is very little difference between my boy (oldest) and my girl (middle)… Except for the shoe obsession. She loooooves shoes. And loves to pick out her own clothes already (2 1/2). But she hates bows and having her hair done. She loves hello kitty but also wants everything her brother has. 🙂

    1. OMG, the love of shoes is ridiculous. And not just her shoes, mine, Chris’, Grandma’s…. totally doesn’t matter.

  3. I want to buy all the drresses – YUP! Now that Callie loves dresses (she didn’t used to) and they are so much easier to get them ready for the day with too! Hair – oh hair I have a serious love/hate with hair! I love it long and don’t want to cut it but yup Callie hates me doing it! Even calling it princess hair doesn’t seem to work haha! And yes little painted piggies are the best! Little girls are so fun! 🙂

  4. this has been sitting in my reader forever and I finally had time to read it! LOVED it!! Julia has those same shoes, but I bought them too big (grrr), so she kinda flops around in them. I can’t wait for her to actually wear them. When did you start putting polish on her toes? She’s started handing me the polish and it makes me nervous to put it on her. Also, her hair is FINALLY long enough for me to put in a teeny tiny pony-tail. Luckily, she asks me to do it, so she *usually* sits still for me. i wonder how long that’ll last 🙂

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