I’m the Kind Of Girl…

…who puts away my daughter’s laundry, but not my own.

…asks for my husband’s input in planning meals for the week, but usually doesn’t like his suggestions.

…is super clumsy.  I’ve been known to walk into door frames and walls.

…is terrified of stairs that are open underneath.

…has to hold the railing when going up or down stairs.

…can apparently write multiple sentences about my general clumsiness and dislike of stairs.

…loves getting into a made bed, but hardly ever makes it.

…has an endless to-do list.

…sometimes laughs when Abbie throws a fit.  I can’t help it – sometimes it’s truly comical.

…uses a spoon to spread jelly instead of a knife.  It baffles me that more people don’t do this since it’s so much easier.

…has a major sweet tooth and love of easter candy (even though I’m Jewish).

…is ridiculously excited since I just found out one of my best friends will be in town this weekend!

…wants to buy an exercise ball to use as a chair at work.

…wishes she was more fashionable, but instead puts all her effort into her daughter looking cute.

…is a great listener when you need one.

…never knows what to wear to be “dressed up.”  My entire wardrobe is either work clothes or jeans and Virginia Tech and Alpha Gam tees.

…puts countless things into my zulily cart, but rarely follows through with a purchase.

…looks forward to used clothing sales and increasingly likes deal-hunting.

…gets more and more like my mom every day (don’t worry Mom, I’m pretty happy with that.)

…usually has gifts purchased for birthdays and holidays way in advance, but is stumped on what to get Chris for our three year anniversary next week.  (It’s the leather anniversary, and I already got him a new wallet last Christmas.  Thoughts?)

…may finally be making the leap to wordpress this month….just gotta line up a few more things, but I think it’s the way to go!

…loves this linkup because it’s basically an excuse to let me empty out my brain.


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Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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18 Responses

  1. HAHA! The second one just made me laugh so hard because I’ll frequently ask bear what he wants for dinner and then end up making something completely opposite. “Oh, you want salmon? Ravioli it is!”

  2. I too put away Aubrey’s laundry way before I end up putting away my own! I am a new follower and can’t wait to read more!

  3. Love this post! I love hearing about other peoples’ quirks 🙂 I’m definitely the same on the “super clumsy” front. I constantly walk into door frames, closet handles, door handles – basically anything sticking out of the walls around me. Sometimes I feel like I have no sense of the amount of space around me haha!

  4. haha! this is such a fun post. I laugh when Z throws a fit too – I’m hoping I can break that habit before he starts to figure it out and realizes he’s getting attention for it!

  5. I wish I was more fashionable too! I think my lack of fashion is a combo of being a tightwad and not wanting to buy clothes until I’m a certain size…. which is a constant battle- lol!

  6. found you through the linkup! i am the queen of filling my shopping cart online at various stores, and then rarely buying them haha that dang shipping always turns me off.

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