What I Love About WordPress

Well, I’m just over a week into my switch to self-hosted WordPress (wordpress.org), and the verdict’s in – I’m so glad I did it.  As you guys know, I was worried.  Would it be as easy as blogger?  Would the transfer experience go okay?  Would I keep all my traffic?

The answer to all of the above?  A resounding YES.

There are already so many things I love about this platform.  I feel like I have SO much control over the look and feel of my blog, and the interface is so much more professional-looking.  And the plugins?  My goodness, I should have done it forever ago based on the few plugins I’ve already found alone.

I spent a long time debating the switch, mostly because of the cost.  Yes, it does cost some money to use WordPress, but if you love blogging and see yourself doing it for a while down the road – it’s so worth it.  I figure as long as I make back in revenue what I’ve spent on hosting and the transfer (which isn’t too much in the grand scheme of things), I’m good.  The best news?  I’ve already hit that threshold only three months into the year.

So with that said, here’s just a few of the things I’m already loving about WordPress.

5 Things I Love About WordPress

  1. The interface/dashboard.  It’s really clean and easy to navigate.  On your dashboard you get a spot for quick posts, a peek at your stats (with the free jetpack plugin), recent activity, and updates on wordpress itself.
  2. The plugins.  Oh my word, the plugins.  These seriously warrant their own post.  One of my favorites so far automatically watermarks my pictures for me.  This saves me tons of time, since I used to do each picture manually in photoshop!
  3. Spam protection is super easy.  Wordpress encourages you to add certain plugins that protect you from spam, and they do a great job.  Also, each comment has to be approved if it’s a first-time commenter.  I’ve loved this because it automatically lets approved ones through, but protects you from the crazies.
  4. Adding pages is a snap.  I’ve been debating adding a few pages to the top for a while, but was hesitant to pay for all the changes in coding it would require.  Now?  All I have to do is create the page, then I can add it to the top bar myself.  Easy-peasy.  Look for a redesign of all those pages up top soon!
  5. I own my content.  Did you know that on Blogger, Google technically owns your content?  Now I own it, as I always should have in the first place.

So there you have it, one week in and that’s what I love so far.  If you’re considering switching and have questions as to why I did, definitely let me know…and then hire Lisette to do your transfer.  She’s the best and made it SO easy for me.  (Thanks again Lisette!)


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18 Responses

    1. There is! It’s one of the first things I searched for! The one I have is called Image Watermark and it’s awesome – it watermarks every image I upload automatically with my png file. SO much easier!

    1. Sure – basically they’re features you add to increase functionality of your blog. I guess a good analogy would be like installing additional software on your computer so you can do more things with it. For example, I have the watermark plugin I mentioned, an SEO plugin, and a few security plugins. They add additional features I wouldn’t otherwise have, and most of them are completely free. Make sense?

      1. Oh, good! That’s what I am switching too with Aubrey. I’m glad you like it and find it easy to use! I am a little nervous about the switch

  1. Jess — this is the first post that makes me even consider switching… with the rebrand I’m going insane already trying to figure out how to ensure none of my old links are broken. Blogger gives you so little access to anything behind the scenes, I’m feeling pretty helpless. I wonder if I could convince my husband to shuck out more money for WP…..

    1. I’m so happy to hear that! It really is a personal decision and you have to be prepared for the cost, but like I said above, I’ve already covered the cost of my transfer and hosting for the year with the few sponsored posts I’ve done. WordPress just gives you so many more tools and functionality, so I thought it was worth it. Let me know you have any questions about it – I’m no expert but I’ll be happy to try!

      1. To cut costs I’m planning to do the transfer myself. I’ve been collecting tutorial after tutorial to help make it as easy as possible. It just seems to be the best way for me to ensure my old links redirect to the new domain 🙂

    1. Oh my God, the watermark thing seriously saves my life. It’s my favorite feature so far because it just saves me SO MUCH time! Let me know if you want to pick my brain about anything 🙂

    1. I hired Lisette over at Northern Belle Diaries (I linked to her above, and she’s the first commenter here). She made the transfer completely painless and has been so helpful – I highly recommend her!

  2. I only used blogger for a few weeks before my husband switched me over to wordpress. Mostly because he is a WP programmer =) And even though I really don’t have anything to compare it to, I have to agree with how great it is! Especially finding plug-ins for everything!

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