October Catch-Up

Let’s do an old-fashioned catch-up post, shall we? Things have been a bit busy around here getting ready for me to switch jobs, so a life update is in order, right?

  • Everyone at my office has been so supportive of my job change. It’s been a weird two weeks, working on projects while knowing I’m leaving. There are a lot of people that work remotely on certain days, so I’ve already started saying goodbye to people, and it’s just a strange feeling. On Friday, I’ll walk out of this building for the last time as an employee, and it’s just a surreal feeling after 7.5 years.
  • Months ago, I saw that Disney on Ice was coming to our area and promptly bought 3 tickets. The show was 2 weeks ago, and Chris and I took Abbie while Ella stayed home with my mom. I think Abbie didn’t quite know what was happening until the show started, but once it did, Abbie was in heaven. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so entranced in something before. She wore her Cinderella dress from Little Adventures dress ups (there’s a giveaway on my Instagram page here so go enter!), and she had the best time – singing all the songs and dancing in the rows. It also turned out that a friend of mine from high school was in the same row with her kids! If Disney on Ice is coming to your area, I highly recommend it – especially if you have princess-loving kiddos.

  • We are finally starting to get our house in order after living there for three years and I’m so excited about it. We have a couch for our basement coming on Saturday, and once that is all set up we’ll be bringing all the toys to the basement and reclaiming our living area. Once the basement is done, our master bedroom is up next, and I’m slowly starting to collect things for that. It’s about time we have a bedroom that looks put together!
  • Chris and I have been in a MAJOR food rut – so we’ve decided to start a Whole 30 on Sunday. I’m a little scared of how I’m going to get all the preparation done (especially with my new job starting Monday), but we really need a reset and it’s worth a try. I ordered the Whole 30 book to have handy as a guide, so  I’ll be scouring it for ideas. If you’ve done a Whole 30, let me know your tips!

  • We got Ella’s ears pierced earlier this month after meaning to do it for ages. She was a trooper and the care has been pretty easy. We actually did Abbie’s at 11 months too. I love the way they look in her ears and it’s carrying on a family tradition for us. She got over it pretty quick, but she definitely is sad in this picture!

  • I have been a shopping madwoman lately – something about a new job makes you want all new outfits, right? I’m hoping to incorporate a little more fashion into the blog again – my new job has a bit more of a relaxed dress code so I’ll have more freedom in what I’m wearing.
  • We tried out a new grocery store on Sunday – Lidl – and I was SO impressed. I’m hoping to share more about it and what we buy there since it saved us SO much money and it’s so close, so look for that to come in the future!

  • Abbie’s preschool instituted uniforms this month and I have total mixed feelings about it. I wish we had known when we enrolled her, but her school changed management and this was part of the change. She looks cute in her uniform… but I’m still salty about all the clothes I had JUST bought her before the announcement.
  • Ella is now OBSESSED with Minnie Mouse. Abbie gave her a stuffed Minnie she’s had for a while and never played with, and she doesn’t ever want to let it leave her sight.

  • My baby sister turned 21 earlier this month. I was about to turn 13 when she was born and I officially feel old.

  • Speaking of getting older, I turn 34 on Sunday. I’m actually really excited for the timing of it – new job, new year of life, a Whole 30, and what really feels like a fresh start.

So that’s what’s been happening around here – how’s your October been?

About Jess

About Jess

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls who writes about motherhood, wellness, easy meals and style.

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    1. I was shocked, honestly, and not really happy about it. But she loves her school and I didn’t want her to stand out, so what could I do? I’m hopeful they’ll fit Ella if she goes there too, so at least I’ll get double duty out of them.

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