Our Love Story

It occured to me the other day that I don’t know that I’ve ever really told the story of how Chris and I ended up together.  Since our three year anniversary is coming up (p.s. What do you get for the leather anniversary? I already got him a wallet…), I figured it was the perfect time.

Chris and I met working for the same car rental company.  He started with the company about a year after me..  The company used to send out notices with the names of all the new hires, so of course someone with the last name Beer caught everyone’s attention.  We didn’t work in the same area, so we didn’t interact for a while.  And when we did?  Well, I honestly couldn’t tell you when or where we actually were introduced to each other.

Eventually, we ended up in the same group of friends, going to the same happy hours and the same parties.  We even had a running joke about whether Catholic guilt or Jewish guilt was worse (I maintain that Jewish guilt is way worse).  I even have this gem of a picture from a party my roommates and I threw in April 2009, just a few months before we started dating.  At the time, I was enjoying being single and had no idea that I already knew my husband.

So how did it happen?  At a party – at the house of someone we’re no longer friends with.  She was dating my now brother-in-law at the time and was in our circle of friends, so I went to the party.  The funny part?  I was actually there to see someone else…until he left to go do a fantasy football draft.

At that point, Chris and I had been talking throughout the night, and something inside me just clicked.  I felt myself wondering more about him, and by the end of the night, he had kissed me.  He claims that I got him drunk and took advantage of him….but he got himself drunk!

I left that night and waited to hear from him.  At this point, I had a strict “no chasing” policy – that is, I refused to chase guys.  I expected to be chased, and that was that.  If he called, great.  If he didn’t – his loss.  Thankfully, he texted me later that week (when a Hokie fan came into his office and reminded him of me), and the rest is history – there was a happy hour the following Thursday and another that Friday (what can I say, we liked happy hours!), and by that Friday, we were a couple.

You know those times that things just seem right?  It was one of those things.  I sent my mom a picture of us pretty early on, and she says she knew this was different.  We said “I love you” by the time my birthday came around in October – and he said it first.

By January, we were engaged – after only five months of dating.  We got married 13 months later.  When you know, you just know.


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About Jess

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13 Responses

  1. For the record, I can tell you EXACTLY when we were first introduced. In the summer of ’07 I was working for said rental car company at Dulles Airport. Since Jess was ahead of me in tenure she was already an assistant manager while I was a measly trainee writing tickets. The managers at the Dulles location allowed assistant managers from around the area to come work weekends for an extra $250 to help when it get really busy. Jess (and a few others) came on Sunday and she spent the entire day with a couple of other girls out in the return booth doing nothing while I wrote 35 tickets in an hour and a half. I recall walking outside and saying, like a smart-ass, “thanks for all the help today.” That was the first time I remember meeting her.

    Oh yeah … Jess was blonde back then, too!

  2. When is your anniversary?! Mine is March 10th… we only knew each other for 3 months before we got engaged and then got married at six! When you know, you know 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, LOVED reading this! Love stories are my favorite. And how ’bout Mr Beer’s comment?! My FAVORITE! You’ve got a good man 😉

  4. Love stories! Adore them….yours is no exception! So cute! And you’re so right, when you know, you know! 🙂

    Thanks for co-hosting the link up yesterday!! I’m so happy to have you!!

  5. Hi I am a new follower to your lovely blog (Via Instagram, Pinterest, twitter and Blogvin)and it really feel pleasure meeting new awesome bloggers like you. Thanks for co-hosting this hop. I would love it if you follow me back.

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