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Happy Saturday! Yep, I’m posting on a weekend! I thought I’d start doing that this week to finally start talking about essential oils around here, and specifically, Young Living essential oils. Over the past few months, I’ve really been incorporating essential oils into our daily lives. They’re a fantastic tool for maintaining wellness, and at this point, I never want to be without them!


To start out all of this, I wanted to talk about the Premium Starter Kit, which is exactly how I got started. The PSK is the best value for getting started for a few reasons:

  • You get 11 oils!
  • You get to choose your diffuser!
  • You get a wholesale Membership that gets you 24% off retail prices!
  • Samples of NingXia Red (my favorite energy boost EVER) and bottles to share the oily love with others!
  • It doesn’t come in the kit, but I also give a bit of reference material!!

So I thought I’d go a little bit into each item that comes in the kit, starting with your diffuser! The diffuser is the very first thing I opened and got going from my own starter kit. It allows you to diffuse your oils into the air, and also functions as a humidifier and atomizer. You get the option to pick which diffuser you want – the dewdrop, the home, the bamboo, or the aria. They’re all different and have different price points – eventually I plan to own them all!

Premium Everyday Oils

Next up, the oils. 10 oils come in the Premium Essential Oils Collection, plus a bonus oil! Let’s take a quick look at each!



Lemon is one of my FAVORITE oils. I use it almost every day! It’s great in your water for supporting your metabolism, smells amazing in the diffuser, is uplifting, and is great for cleaning! It’s one of the most used oils in my collection.



Lavender is another one of my favorites. It’s great for you skin, has a calming and relaxing scent, and promotes restful sleep. I often diffuse it at night, and I love to put one drop in every new tube of mascara – it helps to promote healthy last growth and prevents clumping! Lavender is one of those oils I turn to for so many things – one of the reasons it’s known as the “Swiss Army knife” of oils.



I have to be honest… I don’t know what I’d do without peppermint. Along with lemon and lavender, it’s one of my most-used oils, and is great for so many things! Peppermint is great at supporting your digestive system. It’s energizing and can ease muscle, neck and head tension. It’s also a natural breath freshener – one drop is all it takes! Basically, I don’t do anywhere without my peppermint oil.



Copaiba is a newer oil to me, since it’s new to the starter kit! Copaiba has a multitude of uses in supporting the respiratory and nervous systems, but my favorite is that it’s known as a “magnifier,” meaning it magnifies the effect of the other oils you use it with.



You may think this one sounds familiar, and you’re right! Frankincense is mentioned in the bible and at one point was more valuable than gold! It’s fantastic for skin support, spiritual support, and immune support. I use it on my skin daily, and in Abbie’s diaper dream!



Thieves is another of my favorites (I know, I said that a lot). It’s a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. It tastes amazing in my green tea and helps support the body’s natural defenses. It also smells amazing and is a key ingredient in Young Living’s Thieves cleaner and their oral care line. I use Thieves products daily in the cleaner, toothpaste, and mouthwash.



Purification is another blend I use a lot. It’s a blend of lemongrass, rosemary, lavindin, tea tree, myrtle, and citronella. As the name suggests, it’s very purifying – in the air, in cleaning, and on your skin. I use it in my homemade laundry detergent and in a freshening spray I use. Since it has citronella in it, it’s a great one to have on hand outsite during the summer!



R.C. is a new addition to the premium starter kit, and I’m so glad it’s there. It’s a blend of myrtle, 3 kinds of eucalyptus, marjoram, pine, lavender, cypress, black spruce, and peppermint. It’s fantastic at supporting the respiratory system and a great one to have on hand going into the fall/winter. The smell is very comforting as well.



DiGize is also a new addition to the premium starter kit. It’s a blend of tarragon, ginger, peppermint, fennel, juniper, lemongrass, anise, and patchouli. As the name suggests, it’s fantastic for digestive support, but also supports the nervous system. It’s great to put in your tea after dinner!



PanAway is a blend of wintergreen, clove, helichrysum, and peppermint. It’s great at supporting the musculoskeletal system, and it’s an awesome one to use after a workout.

Stress Away™

Stress Away

Stress Away is actually the bonus oil in the premium starter kit, and I’m so glad it’s there. It’s a blend of lime, copaiba, ocotea, vanilla, cedarwood, and lavender. It’s great to have on hand during a long, crazy day and encourages relaxation and healthy sleep.

So is that everything? Nope! You also get samples of NingXia Red (the antioxident infused drink we start our mornings with) and samples to hand out to friends, as well as some info on getting started!

Whew! Long post, and I swear I’ll keep it shorter next time. If you got all the way to the bottom of this post, you’re a smart cookie, because there’s a promo going on! If you’re interested in getting started with Young Living, all the Premium Starter Kits are currently $10 off – but only until Monday, August 31. You guys, these NEVER go on sale, so this is a great deal. If you’re interested, definitely sign up here and join my Facebook usage group here, and let me know if you have questions about anything – I’m happy to help!

Also – what would you want to learn about essential oils? I really want to know, so make sure you leave that in the comments!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The information included in this post is not intended to diagnose, cure, prescrive, treat, etc. any illness. Always be your own health advocate!

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About Jess

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    1. Absolutely! I’ll try to get into that a bit more as I do more posts about them. If you have specific questions, I’m happy to talk one-on-one, or you can ask in the Facebook group I linked to! I use them aromatically, topically and internally to support my overall wellness, and I use them in all sorts of DIY products – body butter, laundry detergent, diaper balm… I could go on and on! I am so happy I took a chance on them – totally addicted!

  1. I’m just starting to run out of samples of many of my oils, and I’m trying to decided what I NEED, ha! I’m pinning this post as a reference. I love Frankincense! I add a drop to my face lotion every day!

    1. It’s amazing, right??!? I love geranium for skin support too! Let me know if you have questions about anything – I’m happy to help 🙂

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