Snowzilla 2016

Happy Monday! I’m here today not with my typical fun weekend recap, but to let you all know that we made it through the blizzard! It’s been a long few days and the cabin fever is seriously setting in around here.


It all started on Friday with Chris getting home. He was in LA for work all of last week, and originally his flight home was supposed to land at 4:10pm on Friday, a few hours after the snow started. Thankfully, he was able to switch to the red-eye, and walked in the door before 9am. After a long week and with the biggest snowstorm in 6 years on the way, Abbie and I were so happy to have him home.


I had been nervous about the possibility of losing power all week, so once Chris was home I took a quick trip out for last minute supplies – firewood, more salt, a few snacks, and topping off my gas tank. Once I got home, we settled in for the duration, and the storm arrived just as everyone said it would, starting in the early afternoon.


It snowed, and snowed, and snowed. It hasn’t snowed to that degree here in about 6 years, and I’ve never handled a snowstorm with an energetic toddler before. Friday was long, and it was snowing hard when we went to bed. It was still snowing when we got up on Saturday, and still snowing when we went to bed on Saturday night. It wasn’t until Sunday morning that we woke up to clear skies. After it was all over, we got about 30 inches of snow.


So we went out yesterday to start the cleanup process. We shoveled, and shoveled, and shoveled some more. Abbie loved the snow and ran around playing in the drifts, happy as can be. She would’ve stayed out here all day if we let her, but eventually it was time to come in.



And today? Today we’re on another day of being snowed in. Our offices are closed and all the local schools are closed. The major highways look passable on TV, but we have yet to see a plow and couldn’t get our cars out if we tried.

Part of me loves that I’ve gotten this sudden gift of time with my family, but part of me is going absolutely stir crazy. The only way to get anywhere is to walk, so we may be taking a family walk in the snow today. Hopefully the thaw starts sooner rather than later!

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12 Responses

  1. It looks so pretty, but being snowed in isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. We got less here than they predicted but we are still out of school today too. It’s crazy by we got a lot of ice too. Yuck!

  2. We got 30 inches too! Schools are closed but the roads have been plowed and Chris still had to commute to NYC. Our train line is down so he had to drive 20 minutes to a different train line. I’m definitely glad to be home and not deal with all that! Im sure Noah will ask to play in the snow again today 🙂

  3. It’s funny how much cabin fever you get when you don’t have an option of leaving! We got hit pretty hard over here too, but I will say you were lucky – we couldn’t find salt anywhere around us! We were that unprepared.

    luckily we never lost power, internet or water. We did enjoy a long, quiet weekend. I’m lucky to be off – my company opened, but we are not yet plowed and there’s no way I could get myself to work.

  4. I love reading all the snow posts – it’s so funny how all the different areas of the country respond to snow, for us it’s just another day. I mean, it’s not typical that we get FEET of snow but anything under like 8 inches is NBD. 🙂 Glad Chris was home with you girls and you are making the best of the powder. I hate snow. HATE IT.

  5. I was happy to see the snow after years in the deep south. We shoveled and played all weekend. It is pretty nice to enjoy some time with the family!

  6. This storm was something else! We were closed down for two days up here too! CRAZY! We are finally back to normal thankfully! Cabin fever is no fun!

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