That Time I Almost Got in a Fight at 7 Months Pregnant

Yep, you read that right, and it’s true. I almost got in an actual, physical fight at 7 months pregnant.

This weekend when I was having breakfast with Courtney, we were talking about her husband’s love of Royals’ baseball (and that my husband is cheering for them too since the Nationals are out), and I said something about me being a crazy Tech fan… and told her this story. Naturally, she asked if I’d written about it on my blog, and while I believe I mentioned it, I never told the full story, so here it is. Proof I am a crazy Hokie fan and Abbie will follow suit… after all, she was there too.

It happened at the Virginia Tech-Cincinnati game on September 29, 2012. I was 29 weeks pregnant with Abbie, and I was so excited to take her to her first game, even it was in utero. Also, this may have been my absolute favorite maternity shirt.

Hokie Maternity

Instead of being in Blacksburg, the game was at Fedex Field, where the Redskins play. We went with my best friend Nichole and her then-boyfriend now-husband, Paul.  It was one of those special “neutral site” games… except it wasn’t neutral at all when you looked around. the crowd was easily 90% Hokie fans. Except who had bought rights for the game? Cincinnati.

Hokie fans
See all the orange and maroon? Hokies.

It was a crazy game, the score going back and forth with some good and bad calls on both sides. Generally, I’m a pretty respectful fan, but since Cincinnati had bought the rights for the game, guess what was being shown on the screens? Cincinnati fans. Their commercials. They kept finding the tiniest pockets of their fans and ignoring the massive amount of Hokie fans in the stadium. Plus, there was a row of about 4-5 of their fans in front of us. As the day wore on, it made me (and my friend Nichole) more and more angry. They were completely ignoring us, and we were 90% of the stadium!

Hokie Fans

Then, at the end of the game, we lost in the last few minutes… on a catch that I really wish hadn’t been caught. Normally, I just get sad. Normally, I would have been disappointed, but ok. Not that day. Those fans in front of us? They started bragging, talking trash, and putting us down… and me and my pregnant hormones just couldn’t take it. I yelled back. Nichole yelled. They argued back. Nichole and I screamed at them… me probably looking like the craziest pregnant woman on the planet.

What did Chris and Paul do? Nothing, at first. I think they were in shock and just didn’t know what to do. It’s not like either of us to scream and yell, and especially not like me (I very rarely yell, even in arguments). I think we were even trying to go over the seats to get to them. Eventually Chris and Paul pulled us back as the offending fans left… off to walk through an almost entirely Hokie crowd.

I hope they learned not to mess with a pregnant Hokie fan.

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  1. You are awesome! No seriously this might be the best pregnant story EVER! Glad you didn’t really get in a fight but this just made my FRiday morning! Also that is a great maternity tank!!!

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